Date of Release: 2004

Therapeutic effects of cryotherapy, paramomycin, and local glucantim in lupoid leishmaniasis and chronic leishmaniasis

Background: Chronic recurrent leishmaniosis (also called lupoid leishmaniosis) is one of the least common forms of presentations in cutaneous leishmaniosis that goes to remission during the early stage but relapse later. Different therapeutic approaches have been proposed; however, still there exists controversies. This study was conducted to determine the therapeutic effects of cryotherapy, paramomycin, and local glucantim in patients with lupoid leishmaniasis or chronic leishmaniasis referring to our center in 2001 Materials and methods: For this clinical trial, 24 patients (10 females and 14 males) were selected and received either of the 3 therapeutic modalities: local administration of paramomycin ointment twice daily; intra-lesion injection of glucantim twice a week; and cryotherapy of the lesions every other week. Therapy outcomes were evaluated as complete, partial or none remission at weeks 4th, 8th, and 10th Results: At the end of the 10th week, 23 patients completed their therapy course, among whom, 15 patients (65.2%) had complete remission, 5 (21.7%) had partial and 3 (13%) had no remission (p<0.01). The mean age of the patients was 22.5±8.5 years Conclusion: Our results have revealed that cryotherapy, paramomycin, and local glucantim are effective agents against leishmaniosis
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