Date of Release: 2018

Percutaneous ethanol injection as a promising and minimally invasive treatment for axillary osmidrosis: Double-blinded randomized controlled trial

Background: Axillary osmidrosis is a common problem with a strong negative impact on the professional and social quality of life. Several options are available for its treatment. But there are no treatment guidelines. The objective of this study was to evaluate efficacy and safety of percutaneous ethanol injection for treatment of axillary osmidrosis Methods: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to assess clinical efficacy and postoperative complications of percutaneous ethanol injection was performed among 60 patients (12–35 years of age) with axillary osmidrosis. The active agent used in the experimental group (n = 30) was sterile 90% ethanol and the placebo used in the control group (n = 30) was sterile normal saline administered in an identical syringe. The results of malodor elimination were graded by the patients as excellent, good, fair, and poor. All patients were followed-up for 10 months ts
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