Date of Release: 2016

Herbal Drugs with Promising Anti-Leishmanial Activity: New Hope for Leishmaniasis Treatment

Context: Leishmaniasis is one of the most common parasitic diseases. Many medicinal plants have been utilized for the treatment of leishmaniasis Evidence Acquisition: Recent clinical trials have proven the efficacy of a number of herbal drugs. Synthetic agents and current drugs on the market have some disadvantages, such as side effects, high cost, and painful injections. Given the efficiency of herbal drugs, they can be a source of natural and harmless compounds for Leishmania treatment Results: Several researches have shown a wide range of plant extract exhibiting remarkable anti-leishmanial activity in vitro and in vivo Conclusions: Attempts for discovery of an effective strategy for leishmaniasis treatment with nominal side effects are being continued and herbal drugs are receiving much interest. More clinical studies should be done to investigate the efficacy and safety of herbal drugs for the production of effective and safe drugs for leishmaniasis treatment. This may also provide new hope for leishmaniasis treatment
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