Date of Release: 2010

Evaluation of effectivness of Nigella sativa extracts and topical honey application versus topical honey alone along with intralesional injection of Glucantime in the treatment of acute cutaneous leishmaniasis

Background and Aim: There are some reports regading the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect of honey and Nigella sativa and their therapeutic effects in improvement of wound healing. This study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of adding honey and Nigella sativa extract compared to honey alone in patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis receiving intralesional Glucantime. Methods: In this clinical trial, 150 patients with confirmed cutaneous leishmaniasis were randomly allocated into two groups. One group was treated with topical honey twice daily along with weekly intralesional injection of Glucantime. In the second group, patients were treated with topical honey and 60 % hydroalchoholic Nigella sativa extract instead of honey alone. The patients were treated until complete healing of the ulcer or for maximum of 12 weeks Results: At 12 weeks, complete cure was achieved in 61 (81.3%) of patients treated with topical honey and 60 % hydroalchoholic Nigella sativa extract versus 48 (64%) in the second group (P=0.002 Conclusion: The efficacy of adjunct honey and Nigella sativa extract along with intralesional Glucantime is more than honey alone in increasing complete cure rate and decreasing the residual scar size and the required dose of Glucantim
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